Become a volunteer

The primary attribute of a S.A.B.E.C. volunteer is to provide service to patients who are in need.

Prospective S.A.B.E.C. volunteers will be asked to undergo a security verification, and upon acceptance to sign a confidentiality agreement. The security and privacy of patients are of the utmost importance to the organization.

To reduce costs, every effort is made to match patients with drivers such that the distance travelled between patient and driver is minimized. Drivers are currently reimbursed $0.52 per kilometer for travel but their time is volunteered. It must be clear that this is NOT A JOB and that it is not possible to guarantee either trips or kilometers.


S.A.B.E.C. is a non-profit that accepts donations to reduce the cost of transportation for patients. Volunteer appreciation activities are held during the year to recognize the efforts of S.A.B.E.C.’s volunteers.


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